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Award winning Artisan chocolates Made to order

Products of the Week

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    White Chocolate Lucky Cats

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Box of 6 

    Six hollow white chocolate lucky cats, each one lovingly hand painted. Made using a superior quality white chocolate, without vanilla or any other additives, from the Yuna river valley in the Dominican Republic. Organic, fairly traded and sustainable. Rich notes of banana and Swiss milk and as pure as possible.

    Colours vary – each one is painted by hand, so each cat is unique!


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    Milk Chocolate Robots


    Five delicious milk chocolate robots, made using Original Beans organic chocolate.

    A higher than average cocoa content makes this chocolate a significant step up from typical sweet milk chocolate. Wonderfully creamy and smooth, with notes of cappuccino and roasted nuts.

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    Matcha & Raspberry Chocolate Turtles


    Six delicious Matcha & Raspberry Turtles, made using Solkiki’s Balinese white chocolate.

    The fresh earthiness of the matcha and tartness of the raspberries cuts through the sweetness of the white chocolate, giving you a refreshing treat.

    Bright green in colour but entirely natural – matcha is known as the rarest and finest of all the Japanese green teas and is full of antioxidants.

A feast for your eyes and your taste buds. In addition to offering the classics Ms Cocoa tempts you to enjoy flavours you wouldn’t normally try. Her beautiful chocolates melt in your mouth leaving a wonderful taste and a big smile on your face. Perfect! Mark Rodwell

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